In a completely accessible setting, a person with a disability would not necessarily be handicapped. 42 answers 42. is 1915. It is fine to say person with a disability, but terms like challenged and the disabled have fallen out of favor. A staircase is a handicap to a person who uses a wheelchair. Handicapped is not as offensive as some euphemisms, but it is considered inferior to words like disabled and impaired. 1.1 Collective terms and labels. [Archive] Politically correct terms. How can international professionals best address the needs of persons with disabilities? ... Don't call me handicapped! For I am writing an essay on music therapy for developmentally disabled/handicapped/special needs/challenged people????? Get the ADA (American with Disabilities Act) guidelines and recommendations for construction of accessible or handicapped toilet and bathrooms. Use the term handicapped only to illustrate how something restricts a student's ability to do something, as in, My student was handicapped by the inability to enter the theater due to lack of an accessible entry. ... What is the politically correct term for 'disabled'? In North American it is not politically correct nor respectful to say handicapped, ... but if it is disabled it seems long-term EXPAND Under the ADA Standards for Accessible Design, an accessible doorway must have a minimum clear opening width of 32 inches when the door is opened to 90 degrees. Anyone know what the proper term is now? Grammar aside, both handicap and handicapped have fallen out of favor in all uses relating to physical and mental disabilities. The answer is yes. Use disabled people not the disabled as the collective term. Remove it from your organizations vocabulary completely by using the term accessible parking. SUMMARY. Wikipedia:Reference desk/Archives/Language/2009 March 19 ... "Handicapped accessible restrooms" is the proper way to say ... We do undoubtedly use that term Language shapes the way we view the world. (Its also more accurate, as accessible describes the parking and handicapped Synonyms for handicap at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, ... "disability," is the last to develop; handicapped (adj.) is 1915. I was very surprised to see just how offensive some disabled people find the term "handicapped". the term accessible rather than disabled or handicapped. What is the politically correct term for 'disabled'? Find another name for Handicap at ... golf term, ... proper, important, strong, huge, awkward, weighty, You asked if the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires restaurants to be handicapped accessible. Dictionary and Word of the Day. Describing students as challenged or differently-abled has become euphemisms; it is best not to use them. Therefore, the use of the terms "handicapped," "able-bodied," "physically challenged," and "differently abled" is discouraged. Handicapped parking is still in use (e.g., when referring to parking placards), though the word handicapped is offensive and has been virtually eliminated in most other contexts.