... Open Google Chrome URLs from terminal. If you just want to open the Google Chrome from terminal instantly for once then open -a "Google Chrome" works fine from Mac Terminal. How can I get this working? Exit Google Chrome from terminal. How can I open a URL in Google Chrome from the terminal in OS X? But then I made firefox as my default browser. I would like to ... Open terminal and edit your .profile file. 3. First, completely quit Chrome, including any open Chrome apps. I hope I am posting this in the right place. 1. Is there a way to open Chrome (or other browser) using terminal? up vote 17 down vote favorite. This is the page to come to if you want to poke around your Chrome OS device. ... How to open chrome from command line. To obtain a more consistent OS X experience, you can force Chrome to use the default OS X print window with a quick trip to Terminal. I turned off using the power button, and turned back on. (Mac Yosemite) up vote 4 down vote favorite. Start chrome from the command line on a mac Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. How to Update Google Chrome. Something like: $ chrome www.google.com ? As well as I can open Chrome on desktop ... Can I open Chrome on Android from command line ? ... Can't open Chrome as default browser from terminal. I would like to have the existing Chrome process open a At the end of the file, add these two lines. Open Chrome Browser from Terminal (Mac OS X) Open Terminal. I want to create command in terminal that would allow me to use chrome index.html and have the the given file open in Google Chrome. ... Open Google Chrome. (Mac Yosemite) ... this was not allowed because Chrome was open. How do I implement command line flags on chrome for mac? Start chrome from the command line on a mac: johnwilde: 12/23/11 4:49 PM: I'm trying to automate the launch of a new chrome window, but am running into problems related to a profile lock. Exit Google Chrome from terminal. Hot Network Questions The antonym of "diss" Is there a way to cause google-chrome to quit, from the terminal, ... On Mac OS X, use this instead. ... Open terminal and edit your .profile file. Now open your terminal and type chrome to run Mac Chrome with command line arguments as a background process. Googles Chrome OS includes a shell environment known as Chrome Shell, or crosh for short. Chrome won't quit! I installed the beta version of the Google Chrome OS today and cannot figure out how to open the terminal. When I click on the link just echoed, it is opened in firefox. Task manager tools are used to view and control the programs that are running in your system. ... Mac OSX: start Google Chrome in kiosk mode ... in Google Chrome from the terminal in OS X? ... or "virtual terminal 2". Start chrome from the command line on a mac Showing 1-5 of 5 messages. Open up your bash profile using this command in Terminal $ pico ~/.bash_profile. ... you'll need to upgrade to a newer Mac before you can update Chrome. Crosh includes several terminal commands that you can use on all Chromebooks, even if you dont have developer mode enabled. We can open chrome as a different user too. Chrome opened (despite not being in my login list, and despite me specifying NOT to open the windows that were previously open) I tried to delete Chrome; not allowed